Corporate Wellness

A science-backed wellcare program that helps elevate you, your employees & the executive team to their personal best.

Our corporate wellness program is built upon the same philosophy of my practice, with an adaptive multi-modality approach to wellness and personalized care in mind. We work together to layer synergistic programs and processes most beneficial to the goals of your team.

Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by instilling a culture of health and that’s where we start.

360-degree approach to health

Many chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle modifications

We now also understand many chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle modifications and by implementing a corporate wellness program, employees are given incentives and inspired to embrace healthy habits and learn the importance of sticking to wellness programming. 

We go beyond traditional wellness programs and incorporate employee health data to help them learn where their baseline is and improve their health from there. We use Heads Up Health, brain testing with Brain Gauge, check vital signs, continuous glucose monitoring and more. 

Some of what my team offers includes: 

• Standing and sitting desk biomechanic workshops

• Lifestyle counseling + programming 

• Work mobility workshops

• Lunchtime walk & learns with NYC based wellness influencers

• Vitamin injections & IV nutrition

• Physical and lab stress testing & reviews

• Massages, Cupping, Gua-sha & Dry Needling

• Peptide therapy

• Balance brain states - Brain Tap & Halo Sport

• Performance for work & life workshops

• Biohacking the office workshops  

• 1:1 integrative & holistic meetings to optimize workplace wellness 

• C-suite & Executive team wellness coaching  

• IV therapy 

• Hormone monitoring

• NAD patches

• Sleep optimization protocol & tools

• Fitness trainer

• and more

We can put together a flexible and customizable program that meets the needs of your office environment or company goals. 

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