To perform at your max in a high-pressured environment, your health needs to be on point. I work with you to optimize your physical as well as brain performance through advanced lab work and personalized treatment plans.

Executive Max Benefits

  • Maximize your performance and output
  • Handle stressful situations with ease and keep your cool
  • Have more energy to enjoy your free time
  • Better work life balance

Program Details

  • Consultation office/home
  • Advanced genetic evaluation
  • Hormone testing
  • Diet plan
  • Supplements to help with energy, focus, brain function , and production
  • Halo, light , Vielight
  • Pain treatments in office (Hands on and injections
  • Office/home/ telemedicine visits possible

You will also receive an optimization stack with your:

  • Lab results
  • Hormone results
  • General Comments
  • Recommended supplement regimen
  • Recommended nutrition plan
  • Recommended training plan
  • Recommended add ons