5 Biohacking tips for Executive and Finance Professionals

written and reviewed by 
Dr. Neil Paulvin, DO
December 22, 2019

Anyone pursuing a career and working a lot (specially in NYC) knows how hard it is to combine this with a healthy lifestyle. I have put together my best biohacking tips for executives and finance professionals below!

1. Get your lab results checked and maximized. Executives don’t always spend time taking care of their health. Besides getting basic labs done, make sure to get your fasting Cortisol which should be done 4 times over 1 day. Fasting insulin, Free T4 and T3. IGF-1 and IGFB3 to evaluate your growth hormone. Free and Total Testosterone in men and women. Women should get there estrogen and progesterone done. You should also consider getting genetic testing done as this can evaluate general health genes like for cholesterol and blood pressure. Tests can be done to evaluate neurotransmitters and genes that affect nutrition and performance.

An extra tip is getting your microbiome checked with many of the great tests out there. Your microbiome are the bacteria in your gut. If it has unhealthy bacteria due to stress, unhealthy eating, infection and more, this can cause fatigue, memory issues , concentration issues to start. There are numerous studies that show a link between gut and brain health. This can treated with diet, probiotics, bone broth, supplements such as glutamine, aloe, quercetin.

2. Sleep seems simple. Not so much. The key here is getting quality sleep as this is when your muscles and brain recover. There are numerous apps and tech that can measure the quality of your sleep, your stats might surprise you!

3. Work the brain to increase neuroplasticity, the connection between neurons can help with memory and focus. Use thinking games and apps to help. Consider doing daily tasks with your non dominant hand and reading more. Fasting can also increase brain function. Consider the Prolon diet, which produces the benefits of fasting while still eating small meals.

4. Exercising sounds like another simple one, but it needs to be done. Studies show that even 10 minutes of exercise can increase testosterone and growth hormone which are important for brain function.

5. Use technology for yourself – You are either using it to do your job or investing in it. There are many great gadgets to help. The new IPhone can help check heart rate variability, EKG, track your activity, and see how well you are sleeping. The Oura ring can do the same thing. There are numerous gadgets that can help your brain via  photomodulation. This is using light of different wavelengths to help improve brain function. Vielight can be used to help with memory and focus. Halo works on the motor cortex to help with athletic performance. Joovy is light therapy to help with pain and has been shown to increase testosterone.

6. Intermittent Fasting can help to increase energy, weight loss, helps your body detox through autophagy and increases growth hormone and testosterone.

If you need support, check out my Biohacking program here!

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