Regenerative Medicine And Anti-Aging Therapies

Looking to move, feel & think like you did years ago? As an A4M certified doctor, I can put together a regenerative or anti-aging program for your long-term wellness. Regenerative medicine has made it possible to effectively treat a number of different 

diseases and injuries by using the body's own healthy cells. Anti-aging therapies have the potential to bring back the look, feel and energy of youth.  Looking to heal from the inside out?



Weight Loss

Wanting to lose weight is normal in today’s society. Whether it’s a significantly amouny of weight, 20 lbs or the last 5, it is complex and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In creating a comprehensive weight and fat loss plan we address motives, eating habits, movement patterns, stress and overall mindset. After a comprehensive lab review and genetic review, an at-home plan is put together that could include peptides, Naltrexone, supplements to support the system and more.

1. Genetic testing
2. Peptides
3. Naltrexone
4. Supportive injections
5. Nutritional and lifestyle modifications
6. Supplement program


Bioidentical Hormone Support Therapy

Health conditions, stress and/or age can lead to hormone dysregulation. Similarly, menopause can cause numerous symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, vaginal dryness and more.
A comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle and labs begins our journey. From there we create a path forward that improves symptoms, deficiencies and sets you up with a toolkit to optimize your daily life.

1. Nutritional & lifestyle modifications
2. Bioidentical hormones
3. Peptides
4. Supplement program


Brain Health

Focusing on brain health and cognition optimization helps you identify your weaknesses to work towards reducing brain fog, improving memory, focus & productivity. Improvements can be seen in the form of supplements and/or tech to biohack your brain.
If this interests you check out our Executive Optimization program to help you improve your potential.

1. Nootropics
2. Supplement program
3. Nutrition review
4. Peptides
5. Light therapy


Lifestyle & Wellness

Our lifestyle and wellness program can help you maximize your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, improve energy and, even increase your sexual desire. Combining eastern meets western medicine we work together to outline a program to help you achieve your wellness goals.

1. Supplement program
2. Nutritional review
3. Lifestyle recommendations
4. Peptides
5. Technology


Sexual Health

One's ability to become aroused is a complicated process. Emotional, physical, mood, nerves, blood vessels & neurotransmitters all play a role in your sexual response.

1. Nutrition & lifestyle review
2. Hormone & stress labs
3. Natural supplement recommendations
4. Peptides
5. Neurostimulation

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