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Designed for those in NYC, within the U.S. and those always on-the-go. We start with a quick or in-depth consultation based on your goals. Our virtual consult can include a lifestyle and lab review, prescriptions &/or in-depth treatment program plan. Your first visit must be in-person in one of the NYC offices and then we can work together remotely.

I will be taking on fully remote clients in Winter 2020
In-home concierge health and wellness treatments are also available across NYC & the Hamptons.

Our In-home concierge treatments include peptides, IV therapy, pain reduction injections, manual therapy, cellular healing, NAD patches, fat loss or glutathione injections & more.In-home treatments can also be done in groups in preparation for a special event, after a hard workout or as a part of a sequential healing program. Email for more information.

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